{ golden crown }:


                    { I highly doubt so. Yet
                      it would be a lie if I say
                      that you do not seem
                      familiar. }

                        “…I apologize.
                         Your face seems
                         vaguely  recognizable.”


                                                                              “I’m being terribly rude.
                                                                                  Can I offer you anything?”

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        ~ [ ♥ ] ~ Mumbles something about his Senpai.

"Speaking to yourself
 in the presence of 
 others is quite rude.”

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{ the golden crown } stands beside the fountain…

                                                 ”You seem distantly
                                                   familiar. Have we 
                                                   met before?”

{ shopkeeper }:


     Looking over her shoulder when she heard the bell chime, indicating that somebody                               had walked into the store, Midori called out to them.  

      “I’ll be with you in just a minute! I just need to put the rest of these things away!” 

"Please do take
 your time. I am
 in no absolute

                                                                                   ”Forgive me for
                                                                                    asking, but I could
                                                                                    not tell from the outside.
                                                                                    What is it you sell here?”

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i have a few things to work on with this blog that i will more or less likely being doing today. in the meantime, if you have any starters or opens you want answered, feel free to direct me to them via message or reply to this post. 



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{ when you died

                   when you left 

                                     you took me with you. }

{ passer by }:


⊰♛⊱ —— Day in and day out she feels herself slowly losing the will
                      to keep going. She’s not wishing for death, but merely a single
                      day where she’s sure she’ll eat and have a warm bed to sleep in.
                      It’s tough living in constant confusion. Now, it seems, she’s no
                      longer just a murderer. Circumstance have turned her into a thief,
                      and she hates that she doesn’t feel more guilty about that. As fate
                      would have it, she’s found herself yet another temporary home.
                      A new city with which to commit crimes and wreak havoc. Strange
                      places meant sleepless nights and uncertainty. Paranoia was a deadly
                      emotion and she was walking suspicion, all apathy and exhausted eyes.

                                                           Is it really that obvious? That
                                                             sounds very nice, but I don’t
                                                             have any money.

                                       A warm bed for offering is a custom he understands very well. Through the years of his life spent alone, he’s always held an open door to those who are in need, those who are suffering. From the homeless to the runaways, even to those who are unsure as to what they want in life, he’s opened himself up to be their resource, their go to. In the most recent time spans of changing eras, he’s met a lot of new faces, made quite the amounts of acquaintances. For awhile there however, he’d thought he’d stopped his habits, thought he’d forever give up on the idea of helping people. After a disappearance of a particular person, he’d shut himself away, hid his face from the eyes of others and refused to come out. Now? After months of revamping himself and pressing the will to move on, he’d decided to give it another try, another chance. What was there to lose when you’d already lost everything, no? Besides, who knew. Maybe he’d meet said person again through others or maybe even come across some who he could consider friends. What use would there be to discontinue such services when all it did was hinder himself?

                          This being noted, as a passerby came up and his words reached their ears; he smiled to their response, a flick of amusement carving against his expression. Money? Money had never been a big deal before, why would it matter now? Just because the universe had fallen on their knees to the idea of coins or even paper being used as a trade port didn’t mean that it was required. One could still possess a heart without considering the idea that they needed repayment, right?

                                    “Your money isn’t needed.
                                     Only manners and courtesy
                                     are required here. Please,
                                     come inside. The day will
                                     fall if you debate too much
                                     about it.”

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{ visitor }:

The girl in front of him smiled and bowed politely. Violet eyes peered at him from behind the white frames of her glasses; it was almost as if she were staring into the very core of his being, and perhaps she really was. It was certainly true that she could predict the nature of a man with 99% certainty. “Thank you much, I am quite tired. I’ve come a long way, you see.” Her undiluted Russian accent was proof enough of this fact.

The man was friendly to a fault. It delighted Tanya to see such careless behaviour, as it meant another person she could kill; another person to tell her what the afterlife was like. She was much too afraid of dying herself, after all.

                              Had he not been raised around the innards of Ikebukuro’s insides, he might have been a bit more fearsome of the newcomer’s stare. Like a serpent to an unsuspecting rabbit grazing among fresh grass, there was something about her gaze that came off as rather predatory to him. In a sense, it was similar to someone he’d seen before in life, someone like a certain man who some refused to speak the name of and others curled their top lip back in disgust at. How peculiar.

             ”You seem to be of a
               foreign nation. Welcome.
               I hope your travels have not
              completely ruined your desire
              to venture the city and nearby

    His tone soft, he removed himself from the doorway in which he stood; a hand rising from his attire to press fingers against a sliding door. Almost as if he were beckoning her after him, he gave a curt nod and turned on his heel, his form drifting off into the dimness of his home.

                                                                              “Is there any certain
                                                                               flavor of tea you are
                                                                               particularity fond of?”

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                                        Enjoy            ♔               each
                                        day for                      what it is.
                                      You only have one  c h o i c e. 

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